Mirza Awdeh Story
We are a specialized management consulting firm established since 1971 with a passion for innovative strategic business development and talent management. We turn complex financial models into simple solutions for running businesses and start-ups. We develop HR programs and structure full HR frameworks with psychometrics. We believe in the power of change to transform businesses and non-profit firms into an elevated level of engaged management and committed people everywhere. We love to learn, collaborate and create new business knowledge that will empower people and transform organizations. We prepare institutions for ISO certifications. We believe that good results come from good relationships....

In short, at “Mirza Awdeh” we come to work every day because somebody wants to open a new business and secure sustainability, others need engaged novel training & development programs for their executives & staff, and still others want to re-organize their businesses and turn them more profitable.

Brief History
Mirza Awdeh and Co. is a Lebanese firm established in 1971 initially under the name of Awdeh & Co; (C.R. 25014). Riad Mirza and partners were the initial founders leading the consulting businesses in several regional and international countries mainly MENA & UK. Since 1995 till present, the firm is under the leadership and management of Kamal Mirza. The services focus on providing business solutions & executive training across various industries: energy, trading, retail, wholesale, banking, IT, TV media, telecom, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, franchising, sports, agriculture...

Our purpose
To provide business solutions and design competitive organizations capabilities while engaging people & developing their talents. We seek effectiveness in value creation and growth to stakeholders and the communities.

Our vision
A reference for building organizations capabilities and developing people talents. We adopt this vision on various profit and non-profit organizations.

Our values
Build trust and confidence
Never compromise on quality or integrity
Committed to teamwork and innovation
Care for our customers and each other
Embrace change and deliver results

Consulting Team

Kamal Mirza Managing Partner
General Advisory - Strategy – Finance – Executive Training
IRCA Lead Auditor

Jean Pierre Chamma Senior Consultant
Quality Management Systems - Human Capital Management
IRCA Lead Auditor

Firas Ramadan Senior Consultant
Human Capital Management - Psychometrics

Dany El Tahchy - Consultant
Quality Management System – ISO – Industrial Systems
Certified Quality Management Auditor

Strategy Design & Implementation

Where are we going, and what are our key core messages?
What unique value propositions are we offering?
What anticipated results are we seeking?
Which markets and segments should we focus on?
What organizational design?
Which courses of action help us achieve our defined goals?
How to maintain effectiveness in operations & control?
How to link Strategy to budget abd HR framework to strategy?
Build strategy ownership and allocate clear responsibilities across plans.

HR Framework & Psychometric Assessment

Designing & development the corporate HR framework with full policies and procedures. Integration with international web based psychometric assessments systems for job matching, leadership development, performance management, and succession planning

Investment & Financial Services

How to establish a comprehensive controlled accounting & financial system?
How to assess our overall corporate financial structure?
We can deliver:
Feasibility Studies & Assessment
Business plans
Capital structure with valuations
Budgeting & control
Mergers & Acquisition Consulting

Training & Executive Development

How can we have customized training programs for our executives & managers?
Do you run special certified programs for introductory levels?
It will be our pleasure to have one of our international consultants meet with your concerned management and explore the needs and objectives of your training. We have TNA methodologies that enable our clients to recognize their diverse training needs at all their employees and management levels. We have international measurement tools that support our clients' Talent management in integrating the training needs within their complete HR framework.

Quality Management Systems
Design & Implementation

How to standardize our procedures, optimize workflow & improve performance? Do you guarantee the ISO certification?
Full preparation of the whole organization process owners to embrace ISO certifications.
Design & engage all corporate levels in the process.

Negotiation & Conflict Management

We have been negotiating for years can this be improved? .. Definitely!
Negotiation Consulting (Strategy, Power balance, teams, executives, …)
Advanced Executive Negotiation Training
Persuasion Skills Training

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Our Consultants Trained (Samples)


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